Byron Donalds Rips Kamala Harris: “Whether You are Talking About the Cackling Laugh or Venn Diagrams, There Has Not Been Anything of Substance” (VIDEO)

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds was on “Fox News Sunday” on Sunday with Shannon Bream to discuss the Presidential campaign. Among the topics discussed was Biden’s inability to serve out his term, and Kamala Harris’ radical agenda, along with a lack of substance in her job as Vice President.

“Do you think the President is well enough to continue on? Would you support a move on the 25th amendment?” Bream asked.

“I do not believe that Joe Biden has the capabilities of serving out the rest of his term, let alone running for President. The Democrats are the ones who have the serious issue here, not Republican members on Capitol Hill,” Donalds said.

“What we are seeing is that they have decided to cover up for Joe Biden to protect their radical agenda as opposed to doing what is in the best interest of the American people,” Rep Donalds continued.

“So let’s talk about the Vice President,” Bream said.

“She cosponsored and fully sponsored this radical green new deal which will cost the American people almost $100 trillion,” Donalds said.

“She’s the border czar, but did nothing. The last time she was at the border almost 2 years ago, there have been 6 million new illegal immigrants,” Donalds continued.

“Then you get to the interviews, I mean whether you are talking about the cackling laugh, or venn diagrams, there has not been anything of substance,” Donalds continued.


Kamala Harris has dishonestly covered for Joe Biden saying that he is fit for office. Eventually, the truth surfaces.



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