Bizarre: Reporters Kicked Out of Biden Coffee Shop Campaign Stop, Forced to Film Biden Through Shop Window (Video)

Reporters were kicked out of a Biden campaign stop in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Sunday where they were forced to film Biden through the storefront window of a coffees shop while Biden spoke–not with voters–but with fellow elected Democrat officials Governor Josh Shapiro and Harrisburg Mayor Wanda Williams. Unlike President Trump when he makes similar appearances, Biden was not mobbed by supporters at Denim Coffee (which may explain why the press was kicked out.)

After reporters witnessed Biden, accompanied by Nurse Jill, and Shapiro ordering at the counter inside and making small talk with the help, a staffer got up in the grill of a C-SPAN reporter filming the event as she ordered the press outside.

The reporters dutifully went outside and gathered on the sidewalk where they covered Biden though the storefront window as he spoke with Shapiro and Williams.

Press pool report on the campaign stop at the coffee shop:

The president is inside Denim Coffee at 4:55pm. Gov. Shapiro is standing next to him. The First Lady and Sen. Fetterman, among others, are with him. The president put a $20 bill in the top jar. Shapiro is sipping what looks like an iced coffee with a lot of milk, and the president got a strawberry smoothie. They asked if the president wanted whipped cream and he said no. The First Lady and the President were talking with the people behind the counter about where they met.

Pool shouted questions about the ceasefire deal and the president didn’t look over. Pool was ushered out.
Pool is back in the motorcade at 4:59 and the president is still in the coffee shop.

Recorded C-SPAN live video freezes up a few times due to signal issues:

Reporters posted photos from inside and outside the shop:

No mob around Biden. It appears he was ‘walled off.’

The Washington Times’ Charlie Hurt observed, “NOBODY IN THE COFFEE SHOP IS EVEN LOOKING AT BIDEN!!!!”

The coffee shop stop came after a full day of campaigning in Pennsylvania Sunday. Biden started the day at a Black church service in Philadelphia, visited a campaign office, flew to Harrisburg where he attended a union picnic and then hit the coffee shop as he desperately tries to save his candidacy (and presidency) after last month’s debate debacle with President Trump.

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