Oh Joe! Biden Goes Off-Script in Remarks to Union Leaders: “I Look Back Now and Wonder How My Dad Handled Those Thin Walls” (VIDEO)

This is what happens when Biden speaks without a teleprompter!

Joe Biden on Wednesday dropped by a meeting of national union leaders at the AFL-CIO headquarters in DC.

There was no enthusiasm for Biden at the union meeting (even though they were paid to be there). It had a ‘funeral-like’ atmosphere.

As usual, Biden was incoherently rambling about a bunch of different topics.


At one point Biden went off-script in an attempt to be relatable and it went down hill from there.

“You know, I come from a household with a three-bedroom – we weren’t poor, but we didn’t have anything left over at the end of the month and uh, you know, three-bedroom house, four kids, grandpop lived with us…” Biden said.

“I look back now and wonder how my dad handled those thin walls,” Biden said.



Biden blamed skyrocketing rents and soaring food prices on ‘corporate greed.’

Food prices are high because of Joe Biden’s tax-and-spend policies. Like a true tyrant, Biden is now targeting grocers for ‘price gouging’ and demonizing landlords.

“Food prices are still too high because of corporate greed. We’re in a situation where werrr uhh rents are too high!” Biden said.


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