Biden White House Update: “Everyone Is Miserable”; “Feels Like Weekend at Bernie’s”: Report

The Biden White House and campaign is still in disarray a week after Joe Biden’s debate debacle with President Trump. Axios reporter Alex Thompson is wired in to the doom and gloom of Biden world and has been filing reports that paint a stark picture of a candidacy and presidency in serious trouble with crushingly low morale.

Biden has been struggling to inspire confidence since the debate, but each attempt–whether a meeting with Democrat governors, softball radio interviews with liberal Black hosts or his off-the-cuff remarks at the White House Independence Day picnic–have each served to reinforce the perception that Biden is not all there.

Axios’ Alex Thompson reported Friday that a White House official saying the staff is miserable and a DNC official saying Biden’s situation “feels like Weekend at Bernies,” a reference to the 1980s hit comedy movie about trying to pretend a corpse was still living.


The big picture: “Everyone is miserable, and senior advisers are a total black hole,” a White House official told Axios. “Even if you’re trying to focus on work, nothing is going to break through or get any acknowledgment” from bosses.

A high-ranking Democratic National Committee official told Axios: “The only thing that can really allay concerns is for the president to demonstrate that he’s capable of running this campaign.”

“Everything else feels like ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ by his inner circle to prop him up.”

Axios also reported Biden is being controlled by a cabal of senior staff:

Biden is campaigning in Wisconsin Friday and taping an interview with ABC News set to air Friday night at 8 p.m. EDT.

Biden said, “yes” when asked if he thinks he can still beat Trump.

Biden’s radio interview miscues on Thursday were so bad MSNBC felt compelled to discuss them Friday morning:

The leftist group Shutdown DC is planning to show Weekend at Bernie’s at the DNC headquarters just off Capitol Hill Friday night:

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