Watch Young Voters Explain Why They’re Walking Away From Joe Biden and the Democrats (VIDEO)

One of the most interesting aspects of the 2024 election has been the fact that so many young voters are breaking with Biden and the Democrat party to support Donald Trump.

It makes perfect sense. Biden’s economic policies are making it near to impossible for millions of young people to buy homes and start families.

FOX News recently spoke to a couple of these young voters about what drove their decisions to change.

RedState has details:

Two young voters, Grace Guentzel and Becky Oliveira, told Fox News host Lawrence Jones that they will not vote for President Joe Biden in November. Some of the reasons they gave were the open borders and cashless bail.

Oliveira lives in New York City and gave an interesting perspective on why she became a Democrat in the first place:

I grew up in the social media culture that was very dominated by left-wing propaganda, for lack of a better word, that was pushed to me through the algorithms, and I accepted it. I accepted it wholeheartedly. I loved it. I was very into it, until I started to come out of it and realized that a lot of what I believed was very emotional and not really based in logic or fact…

So, once I started to have that realization, it really all came to a head around 2020, when I started to see how Democratic policies were playing out in my city. Cashless bail, for one. The riots after the killing of George Floyd. Madison Avenue being completely decimated by these roving bands of rioters.

Watch the video:

There are many other young people who feel the same way and will vote accordingly in November.

Biden has been awful for all Americans, including young people.

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