WATCH: Senior VP at Disney Caught on Camera Admitting to Discriminatory Hiring Practices Against White Men Flees James O’Keefe After Awkward Confrontation

James O’Keefe confronted Michael Giordano, the senior VP at Walt Disney who admitted to discriminatory hiring practices against white men.

Things got super awkward after two different undercover journalists who *dated* Michael Giordano also confronted him.

Both journalists left the scene as James O’Keefe entered the stage to confront Giordano.

Recall that O’Keefe Media Group last Thursday released an undercover video of the Senior Vice President at The Walt Disney Company detailing discriminatory hiring practices.

The senior VP told OMG’s undercover journalist that Disney is not considering any white men for the job.

“Nobody else is going to tell you this, but they’re not considering any white males for the job,” says Michael Giordano, a Vice President of Business affairs, “there’s no way we’re hiring a white male.”

Giordano revealed Disney uses “code words and buzzwords” to avoid legal action and even mentions a candidate being rejected for not looking black enough. Giordano also admitted Disney gives bonuses to executives for practicing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), agreeing that “diversity helps with financial incentives.”

“We wanted to hire somebody in the department a few years ago now, who was half black but didn’t like appear half black. And there was a creative executive who was like, ‘Were not, that’s not, that’s no what’s wanted,’” Giordano said. “They wanted somebody in meetings who would appear a certain way and he wasn’t gonna bring that to the meeting.”

The Disney VP said there will be a lawsuit at some point over the company’s discriminatory hiring practices.

Some of the possible ‘code words’ or ‘buzz words’: “They might say something like, ‘We’re not looking for the usual suspects for the job so it’s not like a legally actionable thing. But everybody knows what it means.”

Or, “I’m looking to hire writers and actors who bring diversity. I’m not looking to bring on any more clients who are white.”

Michael Giordano also told OMG’s reporter that he has been denied promotions due to his race.


James O’Keefe dropped in and confronted Giordano after two female undercover journalists fled the scene.

“Do you work for Disney?” O’Keefe said as he dropped in Giordano’s ‘date.’

Giordano was so freaked out that he took off.


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