UK Conservatives ‘Facing Extinction’ in July General Election – Labour Leftists To Achieve Sweeping Majority, Can Undo BREXIT and Bring the Kingdom Back to EU

The UK seems to once again be trending in the opposite direction of the rest of Europe.

While in the middle of the 2010’s the old continent was heavily doubling down on Globalist, Brits voted in 2016 to leave the European Union, in a move that shocked the world and promised to give the Kingdom back its sovereignty.

Now, as the European states are being swept by a conservative-populist-nationalist right wing wave that is essentially anti-Globalist in nature, the UK is about to jump left – and possibly even with the Labour party getting a massive majority that will allow it to implement reforms that can potentially take the nation back into the EU fold.

Now, less than three weeks before the UK’s snap general election, ruling Conservatives have been crushed by the latest – and disastrous – opinion polls that arose over the weekend.

The three polls presented a grim picture for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, suggesting he has little to no chance of turning the situation around before the vote on July 4.

One pollster goes as far as warning that Conservatives face ‘electoral extinction’ in the election.

Reuters reported:

“Sunak surprised many in his own party by announcing an early election on May 22, against widespread expectations that he would wait until later in the year to allow more time for living standards to recover after the highest inflation in 40 years.

Market research company Savanta found 46% support for Keir Starmer’s Labour Party, up 2 points on the previous poll five days earlier, while support for the Conservatives dropped 4 points to 21%. The poll was conducted from June 12 to June 14 for the Sunday Telegraph.

Labour’s 25-point lead was the largest since the premiership of Sunak’s predecessor, Liz Truss, whose tax cut plans prompted investors to dump British government bonds, pushing up interest rates and forcing a Bank of England intervention.

‘Our research suggests that this election could be nothing short of electoral extinction for the Conservative Party,” Chris Hopkins, political research director at Savanta, said’.”

A Survation poll, published by the Sunday Times, predicted the Conservatives could end up with as little as 72 seats in the 650-member House of Commons.

That’d be the lowest in their nearly 200-year history – while Labour would win 456 seats.

A third poll by Opinium, published by Sunday’s Observer, showed Labour on 40%, the Conservatives on 23% and Reform on 14%.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper on Sunday told BBC TV that voters by Reform and other smaller parties may give Sir Keir Starmer and his Labour party ‘an unassailable majority’.

Bloomberg reported:

“’It’s very clear if you’re somebody who voted for us in 2019 and you want lower taxes and you want to control migration, if you vote for anybody else other than the Conservatives you’re going to get a Labour government with a large majority and a blank check’, Harper said.”

Robert Jenrick, former Tory minister, wrote in the Sunday Telegraph that the UK risks ‘sleepwalking into a very dangerous future’.

But he had fierce criticism for his own party.

“’Not only do I understand their frustrations, I share many of them’, Jenrick wrote. ‘The tax burden is too high, criminal justice system too soft and public services too inefficient. My disagreements with the government on immigration policy meant I resigned from the Cabinet’.”

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