Trump Launches New Website to Fact-Check Biden During the Debate

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Takes on president’s lies ‘about himself, his record, events that never took place’

A newly launched fact-checking website has come online just in time for tonight’s presidential debate between President Donald Trump and incumbent Joe Biden.

And it’s not the common fact-checker in today’s media, which mostly target conservatives, Republicans and Trump.

This one, FactCheckBiden, in fact, bluntly warns readers “Joe Biden is lying to you.”

Then it provides the receipts, through links to sources.

For example, under the category “Made-Up Stories Biden Has Told As President,” it lists his multiple claims,, including that he used to drive an 18-wheeler.

“Biden **rode** in an 18-wheeler once nearly 50 years ago. He’s never driven one,” it explains.

“Biden claimed he ‘had a house burn down with my wife in it’ and said they ‘almost lost a couple firefighters,'” the documentation explains. “In 2005, Biden’s house had a ‘small’ fire that was contained to the kitchen and ‘there were no injuries.'”

His claim to being “raised in the Puerto Rican community?” “No evidence.”

“Biden said he remembered ‘spending time’ and ‘going to’ the Tree of Life synagogue after the 2018 shooting.” The truth: “The synagogue said Biden never visited.”

Biden also has claimed he was “appointed” to the Naval Academy, talked with an Amtrak conductor about traveling a million miles, and was a full professor.

The truth: No records of an appointment, conductor dead before conversation happened, and never taught a class.

Recently, Biden has made multiple claims about his conversations with foreign leaders, during time periods when they were already dead.

He’s also said he “could have been an All-American” football player, when he actually played college ball for part of a semester.

He also said he hit a ball 368 feet at a congressional baseball game. The records show he went 0-2.

Getting granular about some of his re-election claims, the site points out, “Biden did not ‘create’ 15 million jobs.”

“Biden continues to baselessly claim that he has ‘created’ 15 million jobs. Clearly, he still has no idea about the difference between a job recovered and a job created, or he’s simply choosing to lie. The United States has seen a net gain of roughly 2.4 million jobs since right before the pandemic struck. In February 2020, before the pandemic hit, 158.7 million people were employed in the United States. Currently, as of January 2024, 161 million people are employed in the United States. The job recovery began under President Trump, who oversaw the recovery of 16.6 million jobs.”

The Washington Examiner said the site is to give real time updates on Biden’s claims during the Thursday night debate.

“We are holding Joe Biden accountable,” the website continues.

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