Trump Campaign Releases New Ad Which Would Be Funny If it Wasn’t So Terrifyingly True — “Who Is Laughing Now”

President Donald Trump’s camp released a new in advance of tonight’s debate that would be funny if the truth wasn’t so disturbing and troubling.

Under a clownish musical score, which perfectly describes the clown show that is the Biden Administration, a myriad of clips show Biden wandering, tripping, needing help from handlers, and general images of the feeble old man currently in the White House.

From the ad:

When you think about the Joe Biden you saw debate, ask yourself a question.

Do you think the guy defeated by the stairs, got taken down by his bike?

Trump’s new ad showcases Biden’s stumbles and fumbles.

Lost a fight with his jacket and regularly gets lost, makes it four more years in the White House?!

Trump’s new ad showcases Biden’s wandering and handler

(As Kamala derangely cackles in the background) And you know who’s waiting behind him right?

Cackling Kamala

Vote Joe Biden today…

Get Kamala Harris tomorrow.




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