“This Is Going to be a Mushroom Cloud When We’re Done” – John Solomon on FBI Targeting and Harassing Conservative Agents (VIDEO)

John Solomon and Grant Stinchfield discuss the FBI targeting and expelling conservative agents.

Just the News founder John Solomon joined Grant Stinchfield Tuesday on Stinchfield Tonight to discuss his latest explosive investigation into FBI corruption and political bias.

According to attorney Tristan Leavitt from the Empower Oversight organization, the FBI is purging agents who support President Trump or conservative causes. Tristan discussed the whistleblower who was suspended indefinitely without pay after the Agency discovered he attended the protests on January 6, 2021 at the Ellipse and US Capitol.

On Tuesday John Solomon told Grant Stinchfield that much more is coming – “There is going to be a mushroom cloud when we’re done.”

John Solomon: Well, there are definitely other security clearances have been pulled. One of those were restored this past week as a result of a deal. Actually, last week, the FBI had to admit that they wrongly took it away from Marcus Allen, who was a Marine, a great FBI employee, but they took away his security clearance because he dared to question that maybe the FBI director had given an inaccurate testimony. He just simply wanted to correct the director’s testimony. For that trouble, he went without pay for a long time, two plus years.

So yes, we know what the security plans are. The bigger question is, how many times were security plans called because a political preference question was placed into the documents. When you look at those documents you had, these questions were typed by someone. Then an agent goes out and asks witnesses to answer them. Who typed those questions? Who decided that being a supporter of President Trump, going to our Second Amendment rally, that was another one, a Richmond rally, Second Amendment rally, or expressing skepticism about a vaccine that even Dr. Fauci admits didn’t really work the way they thought it was, that that poses a security clearance.

Who posited these questions? Who made the agents go out and ask these questions? Then the second time is, how often were they asked? The Inspector General of the Justice Department, I expect tomorrow, will announce that he’s opening a full-scale investigation that this is wrong, and then it may be more widespread. We have the lawyers on the show tonight, just before you, and they said they have strong reason to believe many other people ask questions like this during the security clearance. I think this is going to get much bigger. It’s going to be a mushroom cloud when we’re done.

Does this really surprise anyone?

This is the same police force that forces pregnant women outside in freezing weather with their children as they ransack her home because her husband attended the January 6 protests and picked up trash.

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