“These Illegal Barbarians Have Not Come This Far – to Stop Now… They’re Only Going to Be Stopped When They Get Stopped” – Steve Bannon Predicts Trump Will be Sent to Prison by Lawless Merchan

Steve Bannon and Jeff Clark on the barbarians on the left.

Esteemed Attorney Jeff Clark joined the War Room on Saturday to discuss the historic Supreme Court cases that will be decided next week.

During the interview Steve Bannon asked Jeff Clark if he expected lawless Judge Merchan to jail Trump in July on the bogus convictions in the Alvin Bragg lawfare case.

Jeff Clark was not sure that lawless Merchan would have the balls to jail Trump.

Steve Bannon refuted Clark and announced he believes Merchan will jail Trump on November 6, 2024, the day after the election.

Bannon then pointed out the obvious to anyone paying attention – the lawless Marxists will continue to destroy this country. “They will not until they are stopped.”

Via Saturday’s War Room:

Steve Bannon: The last 48 hours on MSNBC is how the death threats to Tish James, death threats to Alvin Bragg is just terrible. President Trump and his awful followers. This is all laying a predicate, is it not, sir, for a multi-year prison sentence to be handed out by Judge Mershon on 11 July?

Jeff Clark: Yes, Steve. A couple of days ago, I was at a conference, and I was sitting next to a learned lawyer who’s in the criminal defense bar. And that lawyer was speculating that he doesn’t think that President Trump is going to get a prison term. I told him I wasn’t so sanguine about that, given everything else that’s happened with Judge Merchan up there and giving Alvin Bragg and Matthew Colangelo their wicked way against President Trump.

And look, we had a gag order development up there. He’s being shut down from talking about that ridiculous case, which now even Andrew Cuomo recognizes as a ridiculous case that wouldn’t have been brought against Trump if he weren’t a presidential candidate on the Republican side…

Steve Bannon: Jeff, my call is prison sentence deferred to start on 6, November, the day after the election. He will not be remanded. He’ll be under court supervision, and Merchan will get to pick and choose where President Trump can campaign. These illegal barbarians have not come this far and shredded the Constitution and shredded New York law to stop now. They’re only going to get stopped when they get stopped.

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