With Summer Heat Wave Expected to Scorch America, Be Prepared for What the Climate Change Nuts Will Do

Despite the fact that summer, and the heat associated with that season, comes around reliably every year, the climate activists behave as if such a thing has never happened before.

Ever since “global warming” and “climate change” (formerly known as “weather”) became the environmental bogeymen, any slight increase in temperature over the summer has been spun as the first sign of the climate apocalypse.

And, this summer’s impending heat wave is no different.

According to The Washington Post, the U.S. will be assaulted by abnormally high temperatures thanks to a “heat dome” forming over the mainland United States.

Apparently, temperatures in most of the continental U.S., especially in the Southeast and the Midwest, are projected to reach the high 90’s and potentially stay that hot at least through June.

The National Weather Service likewise predicted that, with the humidity, the overall heat index for states from Texas to Washington, D.C., could reach as high as 100 to 110 degrees.

Indeed, the HeatRisk level, a scale that measures the danger presented by extreme heat from 0 to 4, is projected to hover around a 3 to 4 for large areas of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia and Georgia

Smithsonian Magazine explained that the “heat dome” over the Southwest was caused by a high pressure system in the atmosphere getting trapped in the same place above Montana, rather than getting pushed from east to west by the jet stream.


Now, while Smithsonian clarified that heat domes were by no means a new phenomena, they have of course had to ask whether the allegedly human-caused “climate change” had anything to do with this one.

Earth scientist and co-author of a recent study on this question, Michael Mann, said that climate change “is actually favoring the jet stream behavior that produces these stagnant high-pressure systems and the extreme heat and drought associated with them.”

Perhaps, but some weather history might indicate that this is simply a normal part of weather fluctuations in the U.S.

The Weather Channel noted that one of the hottest U.S. summers on record was in 1936, with some places achieving record highs that still have not been surpassed.

Likewise, temperature records in general have only been kept since 1895.

The U.S. has been plagued by intense heat waves and intense cold snaps several times over the course of its history, yet, nowadays, any extreme weather has become a handy excuse for drumming up climate hysteria.

As the rest of the country takes common sense precautions for the impending heat wave, expect the alarmists to use “new” buzzwords like the aforementioned “heat dome” to drum up some support for their policies and worldview.

Because it was never about protecting people from the fallout of “climate change” — no, climate change has always been a useful excuse for shoving left-wing and Neo-Communist restrictions down everyone’s throat.

Instead of fretting about something that happens reliably pretty much every year, use your common sense and enjoy the summer.

After all, that’s a much healthier way to handle a heat wave than preparing for an apocalypse that will probably never come.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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