Study: Global Warming is Causing Cognitive Decline in Lunatic Politicians Causing Them to Lose Power to ‘Dangerous’ Populists

Noted junk scientist Al Gore blowing hot air

Boy, these lunatics sure have gall.

A new “study” at 50 Science found that global warming is affecting the language complexity of the lunatic left, which in turn results in populists winning elections.

Apparently, global warming is causing the cognitive performance of the lunatic left to decline.


Via DiscloseTV:

The deranged left is known for their gaslighting and BS but they really outdid themselves here.

50 iScience reported:


  • Heat has been associated with decreased productivity and cognitive performance
  • We find warmer temperatures to reduce language complexity of politicians
  • In Germany, we observe a larger effect of warm days on older politicians
  • Climate change could reduce the speech complexity and productivity of politicians


Climate change carries important effects on human wellbeing and performance, and increasingly research is documenting the negative impacts of out-of-comfort temperatures on workplace performance. In this study, we investigate the plausibly causal effect of extreme temperatures, i.e., out-of-comfort, on language complexity among politicians, leveraging a fixed effects strategy. We analyze language complexity in over seven million parliamentary speeches across eight countries, connecting them with precise daily meteorological information. We find hot days reduce politicians’ language complexity, but not cold days. Focusing on one country, we explore marginal effects by age and gender, suggesting high temperatures significantly impact older politicians at lower thresholds. The findings propose that political rhetoric is not only driven by political circumstances and strategic concerns but also by physiological responses to external environmental factors. Overall, the study holds important implications on how climate change could affect human cognitive performance and the quality of political discourse.

More than anything, this study proves the left will stop at nothing to gain power over the people.

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