SpaceX May Have to Rescue NASA Astronauts Stranded in the International Space Station Due to Boeing Starliner’s Multiple Helium Leaks: REPORT

Two NASA scientists are currently stranded in orbit aboard the International Space Station, due to multiple helium leaks in the Boeing Starliner that should have brought them back to Earth 13 days ago.

Now speculation arises that rival company SpaceX may be called upon to rescue Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams.

The Astronauts’ mission on the Starliner was launched on June 5, and they were only to remain at the ISS for nine days.

Now, troubles with the spaceship mean that their return date is still uncertain, as NASA scrambles ‘furiously’ to solve the problem.

New York Post reported:

“Boeing-rival SpaceX could potentially end up being tapped to ultimately bring them home aboard its Crew Dragon spaceship.

The outcome would serve as a severe blow to troubled aerospace giant Boeing, which has spent about $1.5 billion in cost overruns — beyond its initial $4.5 billion contract with NASA — in hopes of making Starliner a second option to reach the ISS.”

The Starliner docked in the ISS.

NASA and Boeing insist that the current Starliner problems don’t warrant the need for SpaceX to lend a hand.

“The SpaceX ship, which recently ferried four astronauts to the ISS in March, is capable of carrying two to four passengers at a time, but it can fit additional occupants in an emergency.”

Elon Musk’s SpaceX served as the sole commercial company approved to transport astronauts and cargo to the space station since 2020.

“NASA most likely delayed the return trip home so that they could spend more time studying the craft while it’s still attached to the ISS to learn more about what went wrong and how to avoid it for its next mission.”

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After a series of delays in the launch, NASA and Boeing managers knew of a Helium leak, but deemed it too small to pose danger to the mission.

But during the launch and flight up to the ISS, other leaks developed, so the situation ‘remains fluid’.

This is hardly the first time Astronauts or Cosmonauts have been stranded in space. The last NASA astronaut stranded in space was American Frank Rubio, after problems with the Russian Soyuz capsule that took him to the ISS. He ended up staying 371 days in Space.

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