SICK: Pentagon Scheming to Force-Feed U.S. Troops “Experimental’” Lab-Grown Meat to Reduce Carbon Emissions – Military Veterans Respond

Credit: Beef Central

Joe Biden’s Pentagon has a plan to use our soldiers as guinea pigs to combat “climate change” to appease their globalist overlords.

The Washington Free Beacon broke an explosive story last week revealing that a Pentagon-funded company called BioMADE wants to reduce the Military’s carbon footprint by force-feeding active members “experimental” lab-grown meat with Biden regime’s full support.

The company has received over $500 million in funding from the Pentagon.

“Innovations in food production that reduce the CO2 footprint of food production at and/or transport to DoD operational environments are solicited,” the company announced in an informational document. “These could include, but are not limited to, production of nutrient-dense military rations via fermentation processes, utilizing one carbon molecule (C1) feedstocks for food production, and novel cell culture methods suitable for the production of cultivated meat/protein.”

This includes lab-grown meat, which is created from animal cells with the aid of other chemicals. This method is still in its experimental phase and has unknown effects on human health.

The Daily Caller reported Thursday that the start date of the project will be February 2025.

Upon hearing the news, several military veterans responded with anger and defiance at the Pentagon.

“There’s a large number of active reserve guard members who are still a little jaded from the COVID shot and are very unwilling to be part of the new experiment,” one veteran told the Daily Caller.

Rob O’Neill, a former U.S. Navy Seal, told the Caller this proposal betrays the primary mission of America’s military, which is national security.

“The military’s job is forward defense, alliance, solidarity, and deterrence, and that’s it,” O’Neill explained. “All that other stuff is crap that is typical Washington DC nonsense.”

“Lab-grown meat and the military’s carbon footprint should be the least of the US government’s worries,” O’Neill continued. “It’s a shame that we’re going to find out the hard way who our real enemies are, as we’re, you know, don’t think China, Russia, and Iran are worried about lab-grown meat. They’re worried about taking over the world. And we’re not.”

“It appears that until new Defense Department leadership builds a winning force, service members will continue surviving off scraps,” Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller said.

Eric Greitens, former Governor of Missouri and Navy SEAL, called the scheme “height of woke nonsense” and a perfect example why the military is facing a vast recruiting crisis.

“The purpose of the military is to win our wars and to kill our enemies,” Greitens told the Caller. “Trying to force troops to eat lab-grown meat to reduce CO2 emissions is the height of woke nonsense. It’s such a stupid idea that in any sane world, it would be considered a joke.

“When you add woke nonsense like this to the debacle in Afghanistan and the policy of kicking people out of the military for refusing the experimental COVID-19 vaccine, you begin to understand why the military is facing a massive recruiting crisis.”

Martin Bailey, a former U.S. Special Forces member, demanded to know why the U.S. military is being used as lab rats for the Biden regime’s New World Order garbage and when other groups are rightfully exempt.

“They’re not there to be experimental lab rats,” he said. You know, why doesn’t the government feed experimental meat product that, you don’t even know what it is, why don’t they feed that to, let’s say, homeless people?”

“Well, there’s a reason they don’t, because that would be completely unethical. So why is it ethical to stick it down the throat of our military service members?”

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that after the Biden regime forced service members to take COVID vaccines, several suffered serious injuries afterward.

What will the consequences be this time if this newest scheme is implemented?


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