Shocking: Haitian Who Entered US on Biden’s ‘Parole Program’ and Was Indicted For Raping Disabled Child in Massachusetts Freed on Paltry $500 Bail

A police mugshot of Cory Alvarez, a migrant accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in Massachusetts.
A police mugshot of Cory Alvarez, a migrant accused of raping a 15-year-old girl in Massachusetts. (@EndWokeness / X screen shot)

The Gateway Pundit reported on the shocking allegations of the rape of a 15-year-old disabled girl by a Haitian man at a migrant hotel in Massachusetts earlier this year.

26-year-old Cory Alvarez, who came to the US on Joe Biden’s parole program for Haitians, was arrested and charged with child rape at a hotel used to house Joe Biden’s ‘migrants’ and illegal aliens.

A grand jury indicted Alvarez on one count each of Aggravated Rape of a Child with 10-Year Age Difference and Rape of a Child by Force.

Now, in a shocking move, and despite a request from federal immigration officials to keep him in jail, Alvarez was freed on Tuesday on a paltry $500 bail after the Plymouth County Superior Court ignored a request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to keep the suspect in custody, according to the Boston Herald reported.

The New York Post reports:

Our office moved to hold a dangerousness hearing and have Alvarez held without bail. The judge denied our motion,” a spokesperson for the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office told The Post Friday.

“We then requested that Alvarez be held on $10,000 cash bail with numerous conditions of release. The judge set bail at $500,” they explained.

Alvarez, 26, was released with an ankle monitor, but ICE officials can’t track him because Boston is a sanctuary city — meaning local authorities don’t have to cooperate with the feds.

The suspect has been ordered to remain in home confinement and told to check in twice a month with probation before his court day on August 13 was also ordered to remain in home confinement, according to legal filings obtained by the Globe.

Judge Susan Sullivan, who set the low bail,  said at Alvarez’s dangerousness hearing that his lack of a criminal record and the low likelihood he would be able to flee helped lead to her decision.

She further claimed the state had not met the “clear and convincing” legal threshold required to deny his bail request.

It’s a good thing Alvarez didn’t walk through the Capital with a flag, or he might be facing years in prison without trial.


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