Rishi Sunak Set To Be First Premier To Lose His Parliament Seat in Snap General Elections, With Huge Labour Majority and Tories Decimated

Labour leader Sir Keir Stammer, and PM Rishi Sunak.

There seems to be no end to the British Conservatives ‘annus horribilis‘ that sees their Labour foes on course for the second-largest majority since the Second World War, with the ruling Tories headed for the worst electoral ever, below the 141 seats in 1906 under Arthur Balfour.

In fact, the polls are ‘beyond the Tories’ wildest nightmares’ as even Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to become the first sitting Prime Minister to lose his seat.

Three relevant polls (YouGov, Savanta and More in Common) confirm Conservative right on track for disaster – their worst ever result.

Daily Mail reported:

“One cabinet minister told The Times: ‘Colleagues are understandably concerned about their area but some of these projections are beyond people’s wildest nightmares.’

Another said: ‘The country has made a fundamental decision overall. Anything that is said about tax or anything else is ignored. There is no way of sorting this. You don’t give up locally. But there is no quick fix to this’.”

Many current Cabinet ministers would also lose their seats, including Jeremy Hunt and Grant Shapps.

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman is equally on track to be voted out.

“Luke Tryl, executive director of More in Common UK, said: ‘The fact that this projection showing the Conservatives barely holding 150 seats is one of the most favorable to the Conservatives shows how deep a hole the party finds itself in – with barely two weeks to go for them to change the dial.

‘Labour on the other hand look set to inherit a historic majority while still remaining largely undefined in the eyes of the electorate’.”

A separate Survation poll suggests Reform Party’s Nigel Farage may pull off a stunning win in Clacton, as desperate Tories urge Sunak to attack him.

“The Brexit champion has admitted he cannot win this election, but insisted he wants to supplant the Tories as the real opposition – and is aiming to be PM by 2029.”

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