Rep. Matt Gaetz Points Out CNN’s Dana Bash Used Hand Signals During Debate (VIDEO)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) recently shared a video that shows CNN’s Dana Bash giving hand signals during the Trump-Biden debate.

In a post on X, Gaetz shared the video and wrote, “Dana Bash, what are you doing?”

In the video, Bash, who moderated the debate, can be seen pointing to her right in the direction of Joe Biden.

Many users on X, speculated that Bash’s move was to alert Biden that it was his turn to speak.


In a later post, Gaetz shared, “A source at CNN has informed me that CNN believes Dana was signaling Trump to keep the debate moving early on.”

Gaetz continued, “I hope Dana can provide direct clarity on this.”

“The moderators were very fair in this debate,” added Gaetz.


Before the debate, many conservatives believed CNN would be lopsided during the debate, but Fox News’ Sean Hannity gave credit to Dana Bash and Jake Tapper for being “fair.”

Per Mediate:

Conservative media personality Sean Hannity gave kudos to “fake news CNN” for delivering a fair presidential debate despite “trashing” former President Donald Trump “for many years.”

Speaking with Fox News in the spin room after the Thursday showdown, Hannity just about managed to utter a rare compliment to the CNN team and hosts, journalists Jake Tapper and Dana Bash – albeit coupled with the knee-jerk “fake” prefix to signal to his MAGA listeners that he’s still on their team.

Hannity said: “In fairness to fake news CNN, Fake Jake, and Fake Dana, they put aside their prejudice, their hatred towards Donald Trump for the night, and they actually asked questions and waited for answers.


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