President Trump Takes the Stage to Thunderous Applause in Detroit, Michigan: “We are Going to Evict the Biden Crime Family From the White House!” (VIDEO)

President Trump took the stage to a lively crowd at “The People’s Convention” in Detroit, Michigan, hosted by Turning Point Action.


President Trump spoke with conviction and called out crooked Joe Biden and his corrupt regime.

“We are going to fire crooked Joe Biden. We are going to Evict the Biden crime family from the White House and we are going to Make America Great Again,” Trump said.


President Trump humorously and accurately told the crowd that the American people had a far better life during his administration.

“Under Biden, illegal aliens are better off, terrorists are better off, China is better off, Russia is better off, the cartels are better off. But the American people were far better off under a gentleman named President Donald J. Trump. Have you heard of him?” Trump continued.


President Trump also prioritized the border and energy independence and said he will take action on day one.

“First day in office, we’re gonna Close up the border. First day in office, we’re gonna drill, baby, drill,” Trump said.


Trump 2024!


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