“We’re Screwed Up as a Country, and We’re Gonna Unscrew it Very Quickly!” – Vegas Crowd Goes Wild as Trump Slams Lawfare Trials (VIDEO)

President Trump held a massive rally in Las Vegas on Sunday. This is Trump’s first rally since his “conviction” in Alvin Bragg’s lawfare show trial.

Fresh off of a successful fundraising tour in Southern California, Trump arrived in Las Vegas Saturday evening.

Supporters lined up for hours in the heat to see Trump in Vegas.

Trump took the stage to thunderous applause.


President Trump offered hope to the American people saying that things are going to turn around fast once he is back in office.

“‘The election was a rigged election,’ oh let’s indict him for saying that. Whereas you got guys like this, you got guys that kill people and they’re fine and they’re just fine,” Trump said.

“We’re screwed up as a country, and we’re gonna unscrew it very quickly,” Trump said.


President Trump also offered service workers a lifeline by wanting to stop taxing tips.

“When I get to office we are going to not charge taxes on tips, people making tips,” Trump said.


President Trump has shown that he cares about the working people of our nation and wants to help them in every way he can.

Trump 2024!


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