President Trump Brings Down the House in Philly: “The People of Pennsylvania are Going to Tell Crooked Joe Biden, You’re Fired!” (VIDEO)

President Trump brought down the house in Philadelphia on Saturday. He was greeted with cheers from thousands of Americans who love him.

This is Trump’s fourth trip to the key battleground state of Pennsylvania this year.

The crowd chanted, “USA! USA!” as Trump took the stage.


President Trump enthusiastically told the crowd that Joe Biden will be fired.

“The people of Pennsylvania are going to tell Crooked Joe Biden, You’re Fired!” Trump said.


When President Trump started talking about shutting down the border, chants of “Build That Wall” broke out.

“I closed the border. We had the safest border. All he has to do is say, close the border! And it’s closed. That’s all you have to say. He doesn’t need anything from Congress,” Trump continued.

“Build that wall, build that wall, build that wall!” the crowd chanted.


President Trump also told the crowd that under his leadership America will be prioritized on everything including buying, hiring and building.

“We will buy American, build American, and we will hire American,” Trump said.


Trump 2024!


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