MSNBC Host Scolds Guests for Saying ‘Illegal’ Immigrants: ‘We Don’t Use the Term’ (VIDEO)

Symone Sanders, who used to work for the office of VP Kamala Harris and now has her own MSNBC show for some reason, recently snapped at her guests and scolded them for using the term ‘illegal’ immigrants.

They were discussing the recent murder of Americans by people in the country illegally, but the real concern for Sanders seemed not to be the victims. She was far more offended by the word ‘illegal’ when used to accurately describe illegal immigrants.

This is leftism in a nutshell.

NewsBusters reported:

MSNBC Triggered By ‘Illegal’ While Discussing Illegal Immigrant Murder

During Saturday’s edition of The Weekend on MSNBC, co-host Symone Sanders-Townsend got her priorities all wrong as she interrupted a discussion on murders committed by illegal immigrants to complain about the term “illegal immigrant,” claiming “we don’t use” the term.

When discussing the supposed horrors that will come with a second Donald Trump presidency, MSNBC will often invoke the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 as proof that such a dystopian future is not just the figment of their imaginations, but on Saturday’s show, Sanders-Townsend and co-host/former RNC chairman Michael Steele actually welcomed Heritage Pres. Kevin Roberts onto their show to discuss the contents himself…

After Sanders-Townsend insisted she was “just giving the numbers,” Roberts continued, “Well, what do you tell the parents of those people, those young girls that are being killed? This is absurd. The preponderance of these folks, Michael, are male—”

Steele then interrupted to ask, “What is the difference between an illegal immigrant who, unfortunately, engages in that activity?”

Here’s the video:

On a side note, isn’t it amazing that Michael Steele used to be the chairman of the RNC but now makes regular appearances on far left MSNBC shows?

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