MSM Tries To Put a Positive Spin on Ukraine’s Old Soldiers and the Social Chaos Caused by Forced Mobilization (VIDEOS)

As the geopolitical world moves towards the possibility of negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, the Mainstream Media doubles down on its mission to look with rosy-colored glasses on the dire situation the Kiev regime finds itself in.

To begin with, it’s necessary to whitewash the situation regarding the lack of troops and the fact that the average age of the defenders has reached the middle forties.

And they are facing the bigger and better equipped Russian Federation forces.

Ukraine is under constant pressure to forcibly conscript troops in the third year of the war and there are no volunteers anymore.

‘Old soldiers are good because they are not fast enough to defect.’

Reuters reported:

“Authorities recently tightened mobilization rules and lowered the draft age to 25. Men up to 60-years-old are eligible for call-up. Some Ukrainian officials have estimated the average age of the Ukrainian soldier is more than 40-years-old.”

In this piece and the Guardian piece after that, reporters were in an ‘authorized’ capacity, since now, any commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who gives an interview in any form is obliged to coordinate it with the Center for Strategic Communications.

This decision was made after a series of interviews with various representatives of Ukrainian units, where there was criticism of the state and the command.

So, for months on end the MSM brought to its stunned public the reality of the front, but by now it’s going to be only the ‘Kiev line’.

So Reuters was ‘granted access’ to a training session in the part of the Donetsk region still controlled by Ukraine.

“Troops were being instructed in a variety of skills, ranging from trench-clearing to operating truck-mounted machine guns. Some had been mobilized while others had joined up.

The brigade’s chief sergeant, call sign Deputy, said many of the men currently training are over 50 years-old but that they are more motivated than younger troops. ‘They understand why they’re here: for the sake of their kids and grandchildren’, said Deputy, 44.”

But here’s how to ‘bury the lede’: a 40 year-old commander says older troops can only be trained to hold defensive positions, as Ukraine seeks to build up its forces.

“‘But if it’s about performing other combat duties – assaulting fields, trenches, returning our land – then of course we need younger boys who are more resilient’, he said.”

Since Ukraine’s unlikely but avowed goal is to regain all of its – more than 20 per cent – lost territory, and since its better quality troops keep falling like flies in the various frontlines, we can understand how dire the situation is.

Also in the same vein, the Globalist media tries to go out in the field, in another ‘approved’ piece, to chronicle with sympathy the work of the Forceful Mobilization Squads TCC.

To be fair, we know that these TCC employees are constantly at risk of going to the front line themselves if the mobilization quotas are not fulfilled.

The Guardian reported:

“These officers roam streets across Ukraine checking the papers of men and handing out military summonses, as Ukraine tries to boost the ranks of its army to continue the fight against Russia.”

The piece shows a former used car salesman and a former construction workers, both volunteers in the first weeks of the war and both wounded at the front.

“’I don’t judge people who avoid the draft but I do feel offended’, said Pimakhov. ‘We stood in long queues desperate to volunteer, and these guys are trying everything to evade serving. All the brave people have already volunteered’.”

In a shameless pandering, the journalists write that the mobilizers have ‘the feel of a comedy double act’.

“The penalties for ignoring a summons include a series of fines and, eventually, criminal liability. Some men have taken to hiding at home, fearful of running into the mobilization squads. Others have paid bribes to gain medical exemption certificates or sneak out of the country. Many say they are patriots but are unwilling or unready to serve at the front.”

The Guardian has to report that the teams are harassed and verbally abused by fed-up citizens, but fails to talk about the veritable field battles going on every day, when onlookers try to ‘save’ people being forcibly mobilized.

“Sometimes they try to justify their combat credentials to the people insulting them; other times they simply sigh and move on. ‘It’s emotionally very difficult. Sometimes by the end of the day my hands are shaking as much as they were at the frontline’, Pikhota said.”

It’s forbidden for the Guardian to understand why people flee mobilization other than fear or cowardice: no one thinks that this war is worthy to be fought, or believes that Kiev has any chance of victory – both of which are very sensible and accurate notions.

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