MELONI EVERYWHERE: Conservative Italian PM Avoids Groping by Biden and Lula, Makes Selfie Video with Modi, Death-Stares Macron, Embraces Sunak and Milei (VIDEOS)

The conservative Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni hosted the G7 Conference and spent the last few days under the holophotes, highlighting the struggles she faces as a woman and a conservative leader in today’s world.

To begin with, she had a hard time making some usual suspect leaders keep their hands to themselves.

For example, Joe Biden. She holds his hand to keep him from unwanted contact until she manages a civilized handshake.

An even much more embarrassing moment took place when non-G7 leader, Brazilian President Lula de Silva tried to grab her, and she had to move quickly to evade:

But it wasn’t a non-stop horror show: she had fun and made a smiling selfie video with another non-G7 guest, recently re-elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

While French President Emmanuel Macron behaves like a perfect gentleman in the following video, he has already gotten on Meloni’s bad side over a bitter dispute about abortion. So she gives him the death stare.

Sometimes, Meloni felt a bit more secure, as in the case of embattled British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, the Italian leader’s long-time partner.

Now look at the warm reception she gave Argentine president Javier Milei: what a difference!

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