Megyn Kelly Has Stunned Reaction to Biden’s Debate Performance: ‘His Presidential Campaign Came to an End Tonight, Whether He Knows it or Not’ (VIDEO)

Pretty much everyone in media had a stunned reaction to Biden at the CNN presidential debate, and Megyn Kelly is no exception.

Megyn described watching the event in horror with family and friends and suggests that Biden is now finished, that his campaign is over whether he realizes it or not.

She may have a point.


I want to talk to you directly about what we just saw on stage in Atlanta. In my view, it is over for Joe Biden. His presidential campaign came to an end tonight, whether he knows it or not.

There will be meetings tonight, first thing tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future among Democratic Party leaders about how to get him off the ticket. Already, we are seeing some reaction come in from top Democrats who rarely criticize the president suggesting he needs to have a serious look at his performance tonight and assess for himself whether he can go forward. That number will only mount. There will be more and more.

It was an unmitigated disaster. It was uncomfortable to watch. I sat with my family and friends and, for the first 25 minutes of the debate, we kept grabbing each other’s arms. It was so jarring. He was so distant, so frail, so hard to comprehend, so unsteady. I honestly didn’t know whether he was going to make it through the answer, never mind through the debate or through a second term.

The contrast between Joe Biden and Donald Trump has never been more stark. Trump came out calm, cool, collected. He looked comfortable. Donald Trump, Jr. tweeted that he thinks the format actually helped his father stay composed and presidential.

See the video below:

One could probably go out on a limb and assume that Biden does not know that this ended his campaign. Joe always seems to think he is doing a great job.

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