Mayorkas Callously Denies Responsibility For Illegal Alien Who Crossed Biden’s Open Border and Murdered Maryland Mother-of-Five Rachel Morin (VIDEO)

Department of Homeland Security Chief Alejandro Mayorkas appeared on CNN to defend Biden’s border bloodbath.

An illegal alien from El Salvador was charged with brutally raping and murdering Rachel Morin, a mother-of-five, on a Maryland hiking trail last year.

Victor Martinez-Hernandez, 23, was arrested for the murder in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last Friday.

Martinez-Hernandez, who has ties to El Salvadoran gangs and was implicated in at least one other murder, entered the US illegally in February 2023 on Joe Biden’s open border invitation.

CNN’s Jim Acosta asked Mayorkas about the illegal alien who murdered Rachel Morin.

Mayorkas callously brushed it off and denied responsibility for the illegal who crossed the border on his watch and murdered the mother of five.

He wouldn’t even say her name!


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