Maryland Police Offer Free Slushies in Bizarre Bid to Combat Exploding Youth Crime Rates (VIDEO)

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Takoma Park police have rolled out what could be the most unconventional weapon in the history of law enforcement: free Slurpee coupons.

This month, officers are doling out what they call “tickets” to children—not for misbehavior, but for good deeds, according to WJLA.

The program, named “Operation Chill,” is designed to build a positive relationship between the police and local youth. Officers are issuing ‘tickets’ to children for good behavior and acts of kindness. These tickets can be redeemed for a refreshing Slurpee at local 7-Eleven stores.

“You can get a ticket by doing something good, like if an officer sees you helping someone across the street, or maybe you’re wearing a helmet while you’re riding your bike,” spokeswoman Catherine Plevy with the Takoma Park Police Department told WTOP.

“It gives a chance for the officer to go up to a child and have a good first interaction,” Plevy added. “I know one child last year, he was so afraid to like be approached by anybody. The officer got down to his level. He even walked down to 7-Eleven with him and while they got the Slurpee,” Plevy said.

WJLA reported:

Appropriate ‘offenses’ might include helping others, deterring crime, practicing safety like wearing a helmet when riding a bike, or just having a pleasant conversation with an officer.

The program has been around since the 90s in different cities across the country, but unfortunately, there has been a sharp increase in juvenile crime here locally. Crime in Takoma Park increased last year due to social issues, drugs, and changes in laws affecting juveniles, according to Police Chief Antonio DeVaul.

Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) data shows since 2022, the number of juveniles arrested for violent crimes has risen in the county by more than 300%.

From fiscal year 2022 to fiscal year 2023, the number of juvenile violent crime suspects increased by 178%. Young victims also rose in the county by more than 200%.


Several reacted skeptically to this unconventional approach. Many view it as an inadequate response to the serious and escalating issue of youth crime in the area.

One X user wrote, “This is your city under democratic rule. This will do nothing to solve any issue(s).”

Another commented, “This shows how dumb democrats really are…”

Another added, “Instead of giving out free slushees, how about give out real jail sentences?”

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