Homelessness in Chicago Has TRIPLED Since 2023 as Illegal Aliens Flood City’s Shelters

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson

Homelessness in Chicago has tripled over the past year as illegal aliens continue to arrive in the city in overwhelming numbers.

According to the latest study conducted by the federal government, the number of homeless people out on the streets has risen by a staggering 200 percent since early 2023.

The Center Square reports:

With the annual survey used by the federal government to track such trends, researchers also note that as more than 35,000 migrants poured into the city, the number of individuals living in city shelters or on city streets tripled and the number of longtime homeless residents spiked by 25%.

In all, nearly 19,000 people lacked a permanent place to sleep at the time of the survey after the number of unhoused individuals across the city had largely held steady over the prior decade.

Migrants who have taken advantage of the Biden regime’s open border policy are typically bused to Chicago or other major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, and Denver.

However, Illinois remains one of the most popular destinations, with authorities spending a staggering $1 billion worth of taxpayers’ money on providing the illegal aliens with free shelter, healthcare, food, education, and various other costs.

Many local residents, including black communities that typically support Democratic candidates, have expressed their anger and disgust at the situation.

Back in March, Chicago voters rejected a proposed tax hike in a referendum, which far-left Mayor Brandon Johnson had claimed was needed to continue funding the lifestyles of those who have entered the country illegally.

Speaking after the results were confirmed, Johnson blamed the outcome on supporters of Donald Trump.

“It’s also not lost on me, I think there were 38,000 Republicans that showed up and voted for Donald Trump, or something like that, in Chicago,” Johnson said.

“If we’re trying to draw some conclusions, and you all want some other, you know, analytics you might want to discover, that might be something to look into because there’s— I’ll just say there’s a good chance that that played a part in this referendum.

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