HAHA! Biden’s Weak Jab at Trump Backfires Hilariously on Social Media

On Monday, President Joe Biden showcased his trademark dishonesty when he responded to a question about the prospect of taking executive action on the southern border.

Joe Biden is not having an easy time on social media lately. In a message posted on Thursday, the 20th, on X, formerly known as Twitter, Biden recalled the January 6, 2020 attacks on the Capitol and mentioned the upcoming elections.

Biden also spoke about President Donald Trump, in an attempt to link the Republican to the January 6th attacks.

In a shallow and somewhat senseless message, Biden wrote:

“We’re approaching the first presidential election since the January 6 insurrection.

We know who Donald Trump is.

The question we have to answer is: Who are we? That’s what’s at stake.”



Several users mocked Biden’s tweet in the replies. A user named Greg responded:

I am Greg.

Another user refuted Biden’s insinuation by suggesting that President Trump was not responsible for the insurrection.

Do you mean that “insurrection” where Donald Trump told everyone to be peaceful?

Reporter Jennifer Lynn Lawrence was even more emphatic in her opinion, recalling the Democrats’ scheme in the 2020 elections:

You and the democrats are the ones who planned & who are behind what happened at the Capitol and we have the receipts to prove it. Then tried to pin it on “MAGA” to fortify the election you stole in Nov of 2020.

Another user sarcastically responded to Biden’s message, believing it to be the first one posted by Joe.

“This is the first tweet on this account I might actually believe is from Joe Biden, since they don’t seem to know who they are.”

While President Trump’s campaign thrives with increasing support from the American public, Biden seems more and more lost in himself – and on his social media, as well.

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