Gov. Gavin Newsom Answers If He Will Step in for Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Following CNN’s presidential debate, the Democrat Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, was asked several questions about replacing Joe Biden as the Democratic Presidential nominee.

Newsom, who was invited to the debate by Biden, was asked by a reporter following the debate, “Are you going to the be the next Democratic nominee?”

Gov. Newsom quickly responded, “No, our nominee is Joe Biden.”

“Looking forward to voting for him in November,” added Newsom.


Newsom was later asked a similar question on CNN and answered, “We gotta have this president’s back.”


Per Fox News:

Following the conclusion of the CNN Presidential Debate, Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., fired back at reporters when asked if he would support the idea of replacing President Biden.

“I would never turn my back on President Biden. Never turn my back on President Biden. I don’t know a Democrat in my party that would do so. And especially after tonight, we have his back,” Newsom said.

“We run, not the 90-yard dash. We are all in. We’re going to double down in the next few months. We’re going to win this election,” he continued.

When questioned about Biden’s performance, Newsom said he cared about “the substance.”


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