GANG OF LOSERS: G7 Meeting Displays the Decadence of the Globalist World Order

Sunak, VDL, Trudeau, Biden, Abe, Meloni, Michel, Macron and Scholz – what a gang of losers!

The Group of Seven was created as an intergovernmental political and economic forum formed by the great western powers post WW2.

It consists of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States. Lately, the European Union, as a “non-enumerated member”, has also become part of it – with not one, but two unelected members: the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Council.

But as the advent of a multipolar world unfolds, the 2024 G7 meeting in Italy has displayed for the world to see the sheer decadence of the Globalist world order as represented by the failing leaders present.

The EU dispute, to begin with, is very symbolic of the shift to the right taking place all over the world.

EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen (VDL) has her job on the line. She was first installed by the European Council – a body uniting the heads of the EU member states, but this time around, European Council’s President Charles Michel is von der Leyen’s rival, and is reportedly plotting revenge against her because of her authoritarian ways.

In order to win another term, VDL needs 361 votes of the members of the European Parliament, out of a total of 720. But her European People’s Party (EPP) is about to get only 170 votes.

Biden’s cognitive decline is on display for all to see.

The only G7 leader in an upward trajectory was the host, Italian right winger Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Her party Fratelli d’Italia is trying to form a single faction in the European Parliament with France’s National Rally of Marine Le Pen and with the party Fidesz of Hungary’s Victor Orban.

CNN reported in a euphemistic way that the image of the G7 member this year ‘was not of leaders at the height of their political strength’.

“Instead, nearly to a person, the leaders assembling at a luxury resort in Puglia find themselves weakened at home by elections, scandal or waning influence. Amid the olive trees and swimming pools, the anti-incumbent sentiments coursing through Western democracies are creating extraordinarily high stakes for global geopolitics.

Rarely has the yearly gathering of the world’s leading economies been so overshadowed by the political vulnerabilities of nearly all its members. It raises questions of how effective the ‘steering committee of the free world’, as US President Joe Biden’s aides have labeled the G7, can actually be amid anger and discontent from their own populations.”

A mere week ago, populists, nationalists and right parties dominated in European Parliamentary elections, and critical upcoming votes in France and the United States are expected to closely follow this trend.

In this context, the G7 summit features arguably the weakest gathering of leaders the group has mustered for years – maybe ever, as the frankly decadent Globalist bunch clings desperately to power.

Politico reported:

“France’s Emmanuel Macron and Britain’s Rishi Sunak are both fighting snap election campaigns they called in last-ditch efforts to reverse their flagging fortunes. Germany’s Olaf Scholz was humiliated by far-right nationalists in last weekend’s European Parliament election and could soon be toppled himself.

Justin Trudeau, prime minister for nine years in Canada, has spoken openly about quitting his “crazy” job. Japan’s Fumio Kishida is enduring his lowest personal ratings ahead of a leadership contest later this year. And then there’s Joe Biden.”

The demented Democrat is in serious danger of losing not only the election, but his mind for good.

This graphic is making the rounds on the web, showing the shit-show that is the current G7 leadership.

Meanwhile, Italy’s Meloni is on a winning streak.

“Two years after coming to power as leader of the far-right Brothers of Italy party, the pugnacious, folksy Tolkien fan from a blue-collar district of Rome increased her party’s popular share of the vote in Sunday’s European election. She’s now poised to play a critical role shaping the future direction of EU policy in Brussels”

But Meloni doesn’t lead a superpower. On the international stage there’s only so much that Italy, the world’s ninth-largest economy, can do.

As the G7 hatches a plan to leverage Russian assets frozen in Western banks to provide a loan to Ukraine it surfaces that it will actually go to the American Defense contractors.

French president Emmanuel Macron has gambled everything in a snap election campaign that he called, but has little chance of winning.

Macron is now so toxic that even allies in France are staying away from him.

“In Canada, Trudeau once aspired to be “dean” of the G7. Despite upheavals around the world, Trudeau’s office still believes the G7 functions ‘extremely effectively’, with one senior Canadian official saying: ‘I don’t think the band is on the verge of breaking up’.”

But with Canada’s October 2025 next election on the horizon, ‘the sun is setting’ on Trudeau, too. He is expected to lose in a landslide to Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

“In the U.K., Sunak is facing a historic defeat for his Conservative Party after 14 fractious years in power. Polls indicate the July 4 election will result in a center-left landslide for opposition Labour leader Keir Starmer, so whatever Sunak says in Puglia this week will likely draw polite smiles.”

Biden, of course, is a train wreck, and his unprecedented cognitive decline was on show for all to see, embarrassing the other leader to no end.

That basically leaves Meloni.

“According to Italian officials, speaking like others on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive matters, Meloni will use the summit to further Italy’s interests. She’s also set to engage in talks with EU leaders over who should be handed the bloc’s top jobs, including the potential reappointment of Ursula von der Leyen as European Commission president. To secure a second term, von der Leyen needs both the backing of EU leaders like Meloni and a majority in the newly elected Parliament.”

Meloni champions investment in African infrastructure to reduce the appeal of mass migration to Europe, while striking deals with African countries trying to effectively block migration.

When the G7 reconvenes in 2025 in Canada, many of the current leaders will be gone, or else will be complete lame ducks. That’s bad news for Globalism, and great news for the world.

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