FLASHBACK: “I’ve Got a Good Arm…I Can Throw a Long Way!” – Dementia Joe Biden Lashes Out at TikTok “Star” and Threatens to Throw His Phone After Being Asked Provocative Question About Israel-Hamas War (VIDEO)

Credit: Jonathan Katz Instagram

Joe Biden lost his mind and snapped at a TikTok star and independent journalist during a White House meeting with social media “influencers)”

While the meeting occurred in late April, the Daily Mail brought it to the public’s attention today.

in a video, Jonathan M. Katz, the TikToker in question, starts recording Biden and asked him two questions about the Israel-Hamas War.

Katz first asks whether Biden stood by a statement he had made days earlier, in which he criticized pto-Hamas protests and implied they were anti-semitic. Biden ignored the question.

He then inquires why Biden signed legislation authorizing $26 billion more in military aid to the Jewish State. Katz has consistently stated that he feels Israel is committing genocide (it’s not). This time, Biden answers.

He defends the additional aid but also claims that he was putting “extreme pressure” on the Israelis to back off their assault on Gaza and open up humanitarian access. Biden then turns to greet more guests.

But Biden returns, angry over what Katz had just asked him.

“I know you’re a typical press guy, you’re grabbing me in front of all this … but I trust you about as far as I can throw your phone,” a livid Biden says. “I have a good arm, man. I can throw a long way!”



Watch to the end. Had a chance to ask President Biden some questions about Israel, Gaza, and the student protests today. So I did. #biden #whitehouse #gaza #israel #palestine #badcamerawork #fyp

♬ original sound – Jonathan M. Katz

The Daily Mail reports that Biden was referring to launching Katz’s phone across the room.

Katz claimed on his website, Racket News, that aides approached him following the confrontation and led him away from Biden. He also wrote that he was astonished to be invited by the White House to begin with.

Katz also revealed that the guests at the White House included several left-wing actors, including David Cross from the show Arrested Development, actress Fran Drescher, Yvette Nicole Brown from the show Community, Diedrich Bader from Veep, and Jon Cryer from Two and a Half Men.


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