DEVELOPING: Thousands of AT&T Customers Hit by Cellular Outage Nationwide – Some Unable to Make 911 Calls

Thousands of AT&T customers were hit by a cellular outage nationwide on Tuesday.

AT&T customers were able to complete calls between other AT&T customers however calls to other carriers such as Verizon were not going through.

“Unable to call Verizon wireless customers,” one AT&T customer said on DownDetector.

According to DownDetector, thousands of customers have been impacted by the outage.

911 calls were also disrupted according to alerts sent out in Camden County, Georgia and Scranton, Pennsylvania.

However, AT&T denied there were issues with 911 calls.

“AT&T told CNN that 911 calls are going through, despite a few locations, including Camden County, Georgia, and Scranton, Pennsylvania, issuing alerts on social media that the outage was disrupting calls to 911. AT&T told CNN the alerts were received accidentally after a template for such a notification was triggered and sent. AT&T said it is investigating why that happened,” according to CNN.

It is unclear what caused Tuesday’s outage.

CNN reported:

A nationwide AT&T outage is once again leaving some customers in the dark on Tuesday.

In a statement sent to CNN, the company said a problem is preventing many AT&T customers from completing calls between carriers. That also means customers from a rival service can not place calls to an AT&T customer.

Calls between AT&T customers are still going through, the company said, although some subscribers complained on social media that their service was disrupted completely.

“The carriers are working as quickly as possible to diagnose and resolve the issue,” a company spokesperson said.

Although AT&T did not share the number of impacted customers, website Down Detector shows a spike in reports of issues using the service starting around 1:00 pm ET. Those numbers climbed in the hours that followed.

The site lists New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis as among the cities with the most reports of issues.

Tuesday’s outage comes just a few months after thousands of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile customers were hit by a nationwide outage.

AT&T in February said the outage was due to a coding error.

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