Delusional Senator Warnock Avoids Answer to Whether or Not Biden Should Take a Cognitive Test, Then Attacks Trump (VIDEO)

It’s true, Democrats are in panic mode after Joe Biden’s disaster on the debate stage.

Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock was on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Kristin Welker on Sunday morning to discuss Biden’s cognitive ability.

“For the sake of transparency, should President Biden take a cognitive exam before the election and release those results?” Welker asked.

Senator Warnock deflected and used his time to attack President Trump. He was pressed again to answer the question.

“So, is that a yes to a cognitive test?” Welker asked Senator Warnock.

“I’m not a doctor. It’s not something, quite frankly, I’ve even thought about,” Warnock responded.

He then went on to dishonestly attack Trump again.

“How do you stand and literally lie every 90 seconds?” Warnock said of Trump deceitfully.

This is more proof that the Democrats are in panic mode.


Senator Warnock stated that Biden should stay in the race even though there have been calls for him to step aside.

“Do you think President Biden should drop out of this race?” Welker asked.

“Absolutely not,” Warnock responded.


The Democrat Senator was also asked if Vice President Harris would be a good choice to replace Biden if he were to step aside.

“Is she the next strongest person to represent Democrats?” Welker asked.

“I have great respect for Vice President Harris whom I spent a great deal of time with, but Joe Biden is the nominee,” Warnock said.

“If he is not the nominee, is she the strongest choice?” Welker asked.

“It’s quite unhelpful to be imagining a scenario other than the one that’s in front of us,” Warnock responded.



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