Cult Classic ‘The Sandlot’ Star Arrested in South Carolina

One of the main stars of the hit cult classic Sandlot was arrested in South Carolina.

KPTV reported Thomas Guiry, who played Scotty Smalls in The Sandlot, was arrested after he allegedly bashed the windshield of his neighbor’s Jeep with a 35-pound dumbbell and proceeded to go to his neighbor’s door with a knife.

After the incident occurred, Guiry told his neighbor, “That sucks, man, I’ll pay you back, I’m sorry, I’m gonna get you back.”

Guiry has since been charged with third-degree assault and battery along with malicious injury to personal property.

Per The Independent:

Tom Guiry, the former child star best known for his appearance in the 1993 family comedy The Sandlot, was arrested earlier this month in South Carolina after bashing the windshield of a Jeep with a 35-pound dumbbell and going to a man’s door with a knife, according to a police report.

Guiry, 42, made his movie debut at 11 years of age playing Scotty Smalls in The Sandlot and has continued to work in film ever since, appearing in Lassie, Black Hawk Down, Mystic River and The Revenant among many other credits.

He was arrested earlier this month on June 2 after police in Horry County, South Carolina, were called to investigate a trespassing/disturbance call. When officers arrived, the police report says that Guiry was standing in the middle of the road asking about his wife’s safety.

Security camera footage appears to show Guiry breaking a neighbor’s windshield with a 35-pound dumbbell before approaching his door with a knife and ringing the doorbell, the report said. It’s not clear what started the dispute.


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