Candace Owens Clashes With Piers Morgan — Shuts Down His COVID-19 Shots Talking Points: ‘People Died!’ (VIDEO)

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In a fiery exchange on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” conservative firebrand Candace Owens confronted host Piers Morgan, dismantling his previous pro-vaccine stances and slamming the government’s unconstitutional mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the exchange, Piers Morgan acknowledged that he had been overly censorious about people refusing the COVID-19 vaccine, particularly when initial scientific advice suggested the vaccine prevented transmission.

As the “science” evolved, showing the vaccine did not significantly impact transmission, he changed his stance and admitted he shouldn’t have been so harsh.

“I should not have been so censorious to people who didn’t have [vaccine] because at that point it becomes personal choice. But if you ask me on the wider picture, do I think the COVID vaccines were a good thing? Absolutely,” Morgan said.

“Do I think they saved millions of lives? Absolutely. Do I think the deliberate attempt to discredit all science involved in the COVID pandemic is a dangerous, dangerous thing for society? Absolutely. Do I know lots of people who died from COVID who would potentially have been saved by a vaccine if it had been there when they caught the virus? Absolutely. So do not take my one clarification about the ability of a vaccine to prevent transmission as being some great mea culpa.”

Owens hit back hard, calling out Morgan’s change of stance as a significant admission of error. She criticized him for promoting an experimental vaccine and for discouraging people from listening to independent voices who urged caution.

“That’s a huge mea culpa, Piers. That’s a huge, huge mea culpa because that means you want people to go out and get an experimental vaccine in their arms and encourage them not to listen to independent voices. That’s a huge mea culpa. People died from the vaccine,” said Owens.

Candace Owens strongly disagreed, arguing that the COVID-19 shots caused more harm than good. She recounted the personal experiences of people she knew who suffered severe side effects, including blood clots and other health issues.

Owens highlighted her belief that the government and pharmaceutical companies are driven by profit rather than public health.

“People died from the vaccine response. And by the way, I want to be clear for people watching this. [Morgan] saying still get it. I’m saying still don’t, just so you can hear a different opinion. Do not allow the government to put that in your arm. God’s system works. The government is not fixing you in any regard…” Owens said.

Watch the video below:

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