British Activist Tommy Robinson Arrested in Canada by Undercover Police After Delivering a Powerful Speech on Censorship and Government Overreach

Screenshot: Rebel News/Youtube

British journalist and renowned free speech activist Tommy Robinson was arrested in Calgary, Canada, shortly after delivering a powerful speech that criticized censorship and government overreach.

Tommy Robinson, known for his fervent advocacy against censorship, was in Canada for a speaking tour organized in partnership with Rebel News, a conservative Canadian media outlet.

His tour was scheduled to include stops in Edmonton and Toronto following his Calgary event.

His speech, which received a standing ovation from the audience, was abruptly followed by his arrest. Ten police officers, including both uniformed and undercover personnel, swarmed Robinson after he exited the venue, placed him in an SUV, and drove him away.


Ezra Levant, the founder of Rebel News, provided details outside the Carriage Hotel in Calgary, expressing urgent concern over the nature of the arrest.

“I’m standing outside the Carriage Inn Hotel in Calgary, where Tommy Robinson just finished giving a major speech to 150 Calgarians about freedom of speech and his battles in the UK. No sooner did he finish that speech and walk outside than he was swarmed by ten police officers who put him in the back of an SUV,” Levant reported.

Levant continued, expressing confusion and concern about the sudden arrest. “We asked what the charge was. We asked where he was being taken to. The police refused to give us answers.”

Levant speculated that the arrest might be related to an immigration warrant. He immediately contacted one of Calgary’s top criminal lawyers to assist with locating Robinson, who could be held at various detention centers depending on the alleged offense.

“I am not surprised that the Canadian government, which takes orders from Justin Trudeau, would engage in censorship of a free speech activist like Tommy Robinson,” Levant said.

In a new update, Ezra Levant announced Robinson was released.

“TOMMY ROBINSON HAS BEEN RELEASED! But he must turn in his passport, remain in southern Alberta, and he cannot leave Canada! Tomorrow we work on fixing that,” Levant reported on X.


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