Biden’s Brain Malfunctions as He Announces MASS AMNESTY for Illegals Months Before Election (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Tuesday announced mass amnesty for at least 500,000 illegal aliens (the number is likely much higher).

According to Trump advisor and America First Legal founder Stephen Miller, “Biden’s unconstitutional amnesty will give illegal aliens immediate green cards (making it easier to vote illegally) and a three-year path to citizenship (giving them full voting rights).”

“It also includes a diploma mill provision: leftists and opportunistic corporations can churn out meaningless diplomas and illegals who receive them will be made into citizens as well,” Stephen Miller said.

“Once citizens, illegals get chain migration. So all their relatives become citizens too,” he added.

Joe Biden had the nerve to claim every nation must secure its borders.

This is after approximately 15 million illegal aliens – mainly military-age males – have invaded the US on Biden’s watch.


As usual, what’s left of Biden’s brain melted in real-time during his remarks.

“Thanks to all the members of Congress and homeland security secretary, uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhhuhuhuh,” Biden mumbled.


Biden absurdly claimed his unilateral mass amnesty scheme without approval from Congress is “overwhelmingly supported by the American people.”

This is a lie. The overwhelming majority of Americans support mass criminal alien deportations.


The White House earlier Tuesday defended Biden’s amnesty plan.


A White House reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre why now? Why not earlier?

Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Biden proposed mass amnesty on day one.


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