Biden Campaign Adviser Anita Dunn Insists He is Not Dropping Out of the Race When Asked on MSNBC (VIDEO)

Anita Dunn, who serves as an adviser on the Biden 2024 presidential campaign, was confronted during an appearance on MSNBC about the possibility of him dropping out of the race.

Dunn downplayed the significance of Biden’s awful debate, saying it was just 90 minutes in a campaign and an administration. She suggests he is not dropping out and that the campaign is moving on to other things.

She does not seem to grasp the Democrat panic that is unfolding around her.

The Hill reports:

Anita Dunn: Biden team focused on ‘what do we do next’ after lackluster debate

Biden administration adviser Anita Dunn said President Biden is focused on what’s next after his lackluster debate performance this week.

Dunn joined MSNBC’s “The Weekend” on Saturday, where she continued the Biden campaign’s attempt to tamp down the panic after the debate.

“A debate is one moment in the campaign,” she said. “And the reality is that I think voters experienced this debate a little differently than perhaps some of the insiders.”

She added, “The conversation we had is, ‘OK, what do we do next?’”

Dunn said the campaign is looking at ongoing research and the key issues that are important to voters.

“So, I think that what you will see, as you often see after these debates, are not huge changes,” Dunn said. “The president is going to continue to be out there and he can make his case for why Donald Trump is a threat to this country and why there is a better bath ahead of America.”

See the video below:

Dunn seems pretty confident despite the fact that even the New York Times is calling on Biden to drop out of the race.

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