“Are You F**king Stupid?!” Woke Singer Adele Erupts After Thinking She Hears a Fan Yell “Pride Sucks” – Audience Members then Reveal What He Actually Said (VIDEO)

Credit: @someonelikejess

The old saying “a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes” becomes more apt as days go by in a world devoid of intellectual honesty. Just take the recent news story involving world-famous woke British singer Adele and an alleged homophobic fan.

The 16-time Grammy winner was performing in Las Vegas on June 1 when someone in the audience shouted something that royally triggered her. She paused the show to give the unruly man a piece of her mind.

Footage shared on social media and promptly amplified by corporate outlets shows Adele, a longtime supporter of gay rights, erupting on the fan for supposedly yelling “Pride sucks!”

“Did you come to my f**king show and just say that Pride sucks?” the singer angrily says. “Are you f**king stupid?!”

“Don’t be so f**king ridiculous,” Adele continued. “If you have nothing nice to say, shut up, alright?”

The crowd then erupts in applause.


Media headlines across America all hailed Adele for shutting down a supposed homophobic heckler and “bravely” standing up for the LGBTQ community.

But it turns out Adele and the corporate media were dragging this fan through the mud over nothing. One social media user who was at the singer’s concert revealed what the heckler actually said.

She attached a video where the man can clearly be heard yelling, “Work sucks!” which Adele somehow misinterprets.

Another person who was at Adele’s concert also confirmed the man yelled, “Work sucks!” She said he shouted this because Adele previously commented on working.

Do not expect Adele and her media sycophants to apologize or issue any correction, though. Doing so would rain on her parade and ruin a “good” story.


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