Amusing Take By Sky News Hosts Rita Panahi and Paul Murray As They React in Real Time to Joe Biden’s Trainwreck Debate Performance (Video)

Sky News Australia hosts Rita Panahi and Paul Murray reacted to Joe Biden’s trainwreck performance.

Sky News Australia hosts Rita Panahi and Paul Murray reacted to Joe Biden’s trainwreck performance during the presidential debate against Donald Trump.

As they shared some of Thursday night’s highlights and many Joe Biden lowlights, the ever-insightful Panahi weighed in on the disaster, and the two hosts had a hilarious play-by-play.

“We’ve been waiting for this one, the Great Debate. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a feeling Biden might surprise us.  He may remain lucid…whatever cocktail of drugs they’ve given him are going to get him through this,” she quipped.

But as Rita, and the rest of the world discovered, that optimism, however tongue-in-cheek, was far too hopeful.

The hosts play a series of clips from the debate and delivered stinging commentary.

As photos of the two candidates flashed across the screen, Rita asked, “Oh…they airbrushed that Biden shot. When’s that from? Forty years ago?!”

The CNN voiceover introduced President Trump as the 45th President and Rita added, “And the 47th.”

In a lighthearted moment during a disturbing night, Rita cheered when Trump pronounced China with his epic inflection, saying with fondness and sighing, “China! I’ve missed the way he says China…sometimes I just think about how he says China.”

During one of Biden’s freeze moments, Rita asks, “What’s happening with Biden?”

Paul Murray remarks, “Oh…look at Biden…hang on…computer loading thought.”

Rita adds, “Are the doctors close by because I am worried about…he looks like….THEY TOOK THE CAMERAS OFF HIM!”

When the camera pans to a frozen Biden, the two erupt in laughter.

Watch the whole hilarious take below:


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