Two Young Bank of America Workers Die Suddenly Within Weeks of Each Other

Two youthful Bank of America employees suddenly passed away this month for reasons yet to be determined.

The most recent death was 25-year-old Adnan Deumic, who worked in the United Kingdom for Bank of America. Fox Business reported he died from “cardiac arrest” while playing soccer Thursday night, merely two weeks after a 35-year-old investment banker for the company passed away unexpectedly, reportedly due to a blood clot.

Adnan Deumic Credit: Adnan Deumic Facebook

A Bank of America spokesperson confirmed Adnan Deumic’s death to Fox Business.

“The death of our teammate is a tragedy, and we are shocked by the sudden loss of a popular, young colleague,” the spokesperson said. “We are committed to providing our full support to Adnan’s family, his friends, and to our many employees grieving his loss.”

Deumic, originally from Sweden, was quite active in sports, including ice hockey. Before working for Bank of America, he interned at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Nordic investment bank ABG Sundal Collier.

Earlier this month, Wall Street was alarmed after learning about the death of 35-year-old Bank of America associate Leo Lukenas III, a former Green Beret and a member of the bank’s Financial Institutions Group. He left behind a wife and two young children.

Leo Lukenas III. Credit: Leo Lukenas/linkedin

Lukenas was reportedly working about 100 hours a week for several weeks on a $2 billion merger that was completed last month.

A Bank of America spokesperson told The New York Post following Lukenas’s death they were “very saddened” and promised to support his family.

According to Fox Business, Deumic was working closer to a standard workweek compared to Lukenas.

Some critics of Bank of America have alleged that the deaths of Deumic and Lukenas are tied to grueling working conditions at the company. The Post reported Bank of America employees began discussing a possible walk-out following Lukenas’s tragic passing.

Their deaths, though, have not been linked to working long hours at this point.


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