The State Dept, CIA, FBI Are Colluding and Shielding Palestinian Reporter Who Cheered Oct. 7 Massacre – He Was Then Brought to US and Participated in Riots at Columbia University – And Now He Is Honored as Time 100 Most Influential People…UPDATE: MUST SEE VIDEO

Hamas reporter Motaz Azaiza in Gaza and with Rashida Tlaib, his American sponsor, in April.

Motaz Azaiza is a reporter from Gaza who documented life in Gaza following the Palestinian raid on southern Egypt in October 2023 and the murder of 1,200 Jews, including young adults at a concert targeted by the barbarians.

It was the largest slaughter of Jews in one day since the horrors of the Holocaust during World War II.

In January, Motaz fled into Egypt was was quickly given a pass to the United States.

And in April Motaz Azaiza was celebrated by TIME Magazine as one of the most influential people in 2024.

TIME Magazine: For 108 days, Motaz Azaiza acted as the world’s eyes and ears in his native Gaza. Armed with a camera and a flak jacket marked “PRESS,” the 25-year-old Palestinian photographer spent nearly four months documenting life under Israeli bombardment: families displaced from homes, women mourning loved ones, a man trapped beneath the rubble. His images offered a glimpse into Gaza that few in the international press—which has been all but barred from accessing the Strip—could rival. He did so at great risk: At least 95 journalists have been killed in Gaza since Oct. 7, in what has been the deadliest period for the press since the Committee to Protect Journalists began tracking fatalities in 1992. Dozens more have been injured or arrested. Since evacuating Gaza in January, Azaiza’s role has shifted to raising awareness of the crisis—and to calling for international intervention.

Rashida Tlaib also awarded Motaz with a Congressional Record for his coverage of the Palestinian people.

Time was not alone in their appreciation for Azaiza’s propaganda.
CNN celebrated Motaz Azaiza back in March before the Anti-Israel protests at the US campuses.

For 108 days, Palestinian photographer Motaz Azaiza risked his life in Gaza to tell the story of the war to millions of followers on Instagram, as friends and family members were killed around him. But he has now left his native Gaza, feeling dismayed.

“Nothing changed. You didn’t change anything,” he told CNN’s Becky Anderson in an interview, addressing the international community, which he says has been unmoved by the images of death and carnage brought about by Israel’s war on the besieged territory.

He has been hailed by many around the world as the eyes and ears of Gaza for capturing a raw, unfiltered glimpse into the horrors of the war. That attention was unintended and unexpected. Azaiza was an aspiring travel photographer. His first Instagram post in May 2014 was a simple photo of natural wonder; vibrant petals of fuchsia and crimson, exploding out from an orange center. Known by some as a Treasure Flower, botanists identify the plant by its correct genus, Gazania. From the very beginning, it seemed as though he wanted to share his vision of a beautiful world.

“I want to capture the beauty of Gaza, not the war on Gaza. But I don’t have the option,” he said. “When something happens… I have to take pictures, I have to document, but when I come to post them, I feel ‘oh, you’re destroying the beauty.’”

Before October 7, Azaiza had about 25,000 Instagram followers, according to the social media analytics firm Social Blade. His dedicated audience has now grown to more than 19 million, and some of his clips have been viewed more than 70 million times. Clips where, unlike traditional media organizations, the horrors of war are laid graphically bare.

But now there is evidence that Motaz Azaiza was documenting the atrocities of the Hamas terrorists during the October 7th massacres of Jews.

Azaiza posted on Twitter X video and images of the kidnapping of Israelis into Gaza and video showing Hamas terrorists inside Israel with a triumphant caption reading in Arabic, “The Gazans entered the settlements!!!!!!!! With jeeps we see in the streets of Gaza.”

Shortly after the beginning of the Israeli War against Hamas, Motaz escaped to Egypt to evade arrest by Israeli forces. Motaz was then issued a special US visa and flown to the United States.

Even before Motaz was exfiltrated out of Gaza (when no one else could escape), he had electricity to charge his expensive equipment and latest model iPhone, access to vehicles with fuels, complete freedom of movement, food, escort, etc. That’s while everyone else was supposedly starving in Gaza.

In many subsequent images, he wears expensive new clothes/is well-dressed, relaxed, and is globe-trotting (Qatar, Turkey, Switzerland, the US, and the UK) to share his story.

On October 7, he posted a story about Blinken donating 75 million to UNRWA right after UNRWA allegations of collaborating with Hamas were uncovered. It is curious that he ended up in Qatar after the Egyptians exfiltrated him and has access to unlimited money to travel around the world. This makes investigators suspect he has ties to Hamas.

So who is Motaz Azaiza? The man who is propped up by Hamas, the international media and the UN?

In April 2024, just a few short months after moving to the US, Motaz was seen at Columbia University assisting the protest movement against Israel.

His X page had entries erased before April 4.

His Instagram page does not include the entries from October 7 or his cheering the slaughter of Jews.

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