Netflix Subjects Audience to a Fully Erect Penis as Disgusted Viewers Slam ‘Low Grade Porn’

Netflix is coming under fresh criticism after needlessly subjecting its British viewers to a man with a fully erect penis.

In what is being described as “low-grade porn,” the streaming giant appeared to break the ultimate taboo by showing a man experiencing the effects of Viagra.

Mail Online reports:

Netflix was heavily criticised last night after British viewers were confronted with a fully erect penis in its new drama. Viewers, MPs and schools campaigners were shocked at the closing episode of the streaming giant’s six-part series A Man In Full. Actor Tom Pelphrey drops his bedsheet after taking Viagra to reveal himself to co-star Jeff Daniels in the adaptation of Tom Wolfe’s best-selling 1998 novel.

It is believed to be the first time a mainstream drama on British TV has broken the ‘erect penis’ taboo – and there was no prior warning about graphic nudity.It has highlighted worries about regulation of streaming services, with concern that children are at risk.

Many people have criticized the scene, including two politicians from the ruling Conservative Party.

“If Netflix is serving up this sort of low-grade, pornographic rubbish, we need to give Ofcom full oversight of the streaming giant’s output as soon as possible,” said Tory MP Alexander Stafford.

“Streaming services are available at any time of day, so watershed protection doesn’t apply,” added Tory MP Sara Britcliffe.

Netflix is notorious for promoting inappropriate content to its viewers, most of it layered with left-wing and progressive messaging.

The platform is currently also under fire for the show Baby Reindeer, which is accused of falsely depicting a man’s experience with a stalker who has since been publicly identified.

Back in 2020, the company sparked outrage after debuting Cuties, a French film showing an 11-year-old Muslim girl joining a sexualized dance clique to build her self confidence. The film is still available to watch and remains exclusive to Netflix.

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