KARI LAKE Drops a BOMB on Sunday Morning Futures – Exposes How Democrats Are ALREADY Stealing Votes in the 2024 Election (VIDEO)

Kari Lakes explains how Democrats are going to steal illegal alien votes in the 2024 election.

Popular Arizona Senate Candidate Kari Lake joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

During their discussion, Kari described how Joe Biden’s open border crisis is endangering every American. Kari pointed out that border ranchers are seeing 8-9 illegal alien “gotaways” every day on their land. These same ranchers saw 8-9 “gotaways” a year when Trump was in office!

Kari Lake then pivoted and described how Democrats are already stealing votes in the 2024 election.

Maria Bartiromo: As we report all the time, hundreds of people were already apprehended who were on the terrorist watchlist. Do you believe one of the motivations here is to get illegals, foreigners, to vote for the Democrats?

Kari Lake: Oh, absolutely. A 1,000%! Otherwise, they would be working hard to get the Save Act through, which will prevent that. Instead, in every state around the country, you’re seeing Democrats fight tooth and nail any piece of legislation which will prevent illegals from voting, which will solidify and codify that already existent law.

What they want, Maria, we’re not going to see all these people pouring across the border showing up at polling places. What they What they want is to have a line in the voters’ rolls so that somebody can vote for that person. That’s why they’re asking them to register to vote when they get set up for Medicare and Medicaid, because they’re giving them all of these services. They’re asking them to sign up to vote. Then they have a line in the voter roll, and somebody will vote under that name.

Kari is exactly right. Democrats are signing up illegals at the border – sharing their registrations with leftist groups – and these groups are ready to make sure someone votes for them in 2024.

This is totally illegal and will likely destroy this country. But it is effective and Democrats lust for power above all else.

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