Far-Left NBCUniversal’s Peacock Announces Documentary Series on Gay and Transgender Animals (VIDEO)

Credit: @EndWokeness

NBCUniversal’s Peacock announced Thursday they will be releasing a new documentary series shoving the left’s LGBTQ agenda in America’s face with a twist.

The documentary, titled “Queer Planet,” promises to showcase the full-spectrum” of homosexual behavior in the animal kingdom. The series is scheduled to stream on June 6 as part of the radical-left network’s commemoration of PRIDE month.

“Queer Planet” is narrated by openly gay actor Andrew Rannells. He released a statement bragging how “Queer Planet” opened his eyes to “to the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ behaviors across the natural world” and that he was “excited” to be part of the new series.

“We’ve all heard of gay penguins, but this film really opened my eyes to the full spectrum of LGBTQ+ behaviors across the natural world,” said Rannells.

“And what could be more natural than being who you are?” he continued. “I’m excited to be part of ‘Queer Planet,’ especially during Pride Month, and on Peacock, surely the most colorful and glamorous of all the streaming services.”

Indiewire revealsreveals, the documentary features different “hidden LGBTQ+ communities among animals that have unconventional sexualities and genders” and showcases everything from homosexual penguins, bisexual lions, pansexual primates, and sex-changing clownfish. It will even explore the fauna realm with “multi-gendered mushrooms.”

Per the official synopsis, the series “looks at extraordinary creatures, witnesses amazing behaviors, and introduces the scientists questioning the traditional concept of what’s natural when it comes to sex and gender.”

Below is the official trailer for “Queer Planet.” It opens with a voiceover telling viewers that the “animal kingdom isn’t as simple as black and white” before flashing to a still photo showing a male lion humping another male lion.

A bald individual then appears and asserts, “Everything you were taught as a kid was wrong!” before the trailer continues showcasing supposed LGBTQ animals.

The voiceover boasts, “The idea of having two fixed sexes is clearly out of style,” while an unnamed woman claims, “Mother Nature is pretty open-minded.”


The individuals in the trailer conclude that “sex is not just for reproduction” and that “nature is full of queer surprises.”

In addition to Rannells, IndieWire reports scientists and experts such as author and naturalist Bradley Trevor Greive, ornithologist Dr. Martin Stervander, biologist Dr. Christine Wilkinson, science historian Dr. Ross Brooks, primatologist Dr. Amy Parish, The Vagina Museum director Florence Schechter appear in the documentary.

Donald Trump Jr. probably best summed up the attitude of most Americans, writing, “It never f**king ends!!!!”


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