Exclusive: The Left’s ELECTION INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX Is Run Like a 5th Generation “Weapons System”

The Left’s Election Industrial Complex Part II.

There is a battle over US Elections going on today. It’s the Left’s Election Industrial Complex verses fair and transparent US elections.

While conservatives argue over whether we should vote early or on election day, the Election Industrial Complex is adding, deleting and managing entities that are clandestinely operating behind US elections.

A document produced by Higher Ground Labs entitled the – 2022 Political Tech Landscape Report – outlines what we have labeled the Election Industrial Complex (see diagram above).

This document shows the many entities and interactions between these entities and groups involved in the Left’s Election Industrial Complex. Higher Ground Labs is led by a group of far-left zealots and politicians. It started in 2017 after Hillary lost the 2016 Election.

Higher Ground Labs created and published its 2022 report that describes its landscape and connections in the election industry complex. This document outlines the many initiatives, connections and activities it is involved in and the players it interacts with to ensure radical far-left and increasingly communist anti-American Democrats win elections.

This landscape involves “non-profits” and publicly traded companies which prevent the public from requesting information that would be required to be provided by the government in FOIA requests.

Based on our initial analysis of this Complex, the Left uses money to manipulate these groups where conservative entities for the most part run on trust. Money is used to incentivize. “Trust issues” in a grass roots environment are minimized through the use of money and funding.

See our first post on this topic below:


A deeper dive into the Left’s Election Industrial Complex from a military expert’s point of view indicates that this system runs more like a 5th generation weapons system.

A military weapons system is an integrated system, usually computerized, for the control and operation of weapons of a particular kind. With this in mind, It appears that the Left has weaponized US elections.

5th Generation warfare is described by Dr. Robert Malone as follows (emphasis added):

5th-Gen warfare is an extension of Asymmetric and Insurgent Warfare strategies and tactics, whereby both conventional and unconventional military tactics and weapons are incorporated and deployed, including exploitation of political, religious and social causes. This new gradient of warfare uses the internet, social media and the 24-hour news cycle to change cognitive biases of individuals and/or organizations. It can be conducted by organized or unorganized (ergo decentralized) groups; it may be led by nation states, non-nation state actors and organizations, non-governmental organizations or even individuals. A key characteristic of 5th Gen warfare is that the nature of the attack is concealed. The goal is to disrupt and defeat opponents by creating new cognitive biases.

The most effective 5th-Gen warfare strategies employed by those lacking integrity are not purely based on pushing false narratives, mis- dis- or mal- information. The most effective strategies mix truth with action, and act to increase confusion and disorder.

This Left’s Election Industrial Complex communicates real-time election operations. It’s a psychological war that uses activists and volunteers as troops. It relies heavily on messaging and influencers are highly valued. The ultimate goal is to obtain committed hearts and minds.

This is why the “New Media” is so despised by the Left. The Truth reported by New Media is the enemy of the Left.

See this brief and brilliant explanation below.

Here is a document that outlines the comments shared in the video above.

Real Time Operations by Joe Ho on Scribd

The Far-Left are working on new entities and activities within their Political Industrial Complex to steal a Democrat win in November 2024. The problem is the Left pushes more disinformation than truth.

(Joe Hoft is the author of three books related to the 2020 Election which have been referred to as “definitive documentation of the enormous fraud in the 2020 Election” and “classics”.)


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