Biden Campaign’s Press Conference Outside Trump Courtroom With Robert De Niro Backfires as Disgraced Actor Flips Out While Getting Mercilessly Trolled by Trump Fans (VIDEO)

Credit: RNC Research

As The Gateway Pundit reported, President Donald Trump is back in court today on Tuesday for closing arguments in Alvin Bragg’s show trial in New York City.

The Biden campaign, for some reason, decided to hold a press conference right outside the courtroom with disgraced, deranged Trump-hating actor Robert De Niro this morning. Unsurprisingly, the tactic spectacularly backfired on them.

Fox News’s John Roberts revealed that the campaign announced they would be holding the event at roughly 10:15 AM while teasing that “special guests” would be participating. This is just the latest sign that the entire prosecution is being orchestrated by the Biden regime.

Below is footage of Team Biden arriving with the crazy De Niro to spew nonsensical poison before a national audience. Notice how the actor is wearing a face diaper in the open air?

De Niro, who can barely see over the microphone, takes to the podium shortly afterward. He quickly flips out while hearing cries of “f**k you!” from Trump supporters in the background, calling them “crazy” and “clowns.”


De Niro’s speech was so unhinged that he even claimed the government would “perish from the earth” if Trump got re-elected. Does someone want to tell De Niro how many wars started under Trump compared to his hero Biden?

A fuming De Niro then loses it entirely after one creative Trump supporter sets off a car alarm while the elderly Trump hater is droning on about the trial and brags about joining the Biden-Harris campaign.



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