OF COURSE: Stephen Colbert to Broadcast the Late Show Directly From the Democrat National Convention in Chicago This Summer

Democrat party propagandist Stephen Colbert is going to broadcast the Late Show directly from the Democrat National Convention this summer.

Of course, this makes perfect sense, since Colbert hosted a big, glitzy fundraiser for Biden a few weeks ago.

Do you remember when the Late Show was for the entertainment of all Americans and not just Democrats?

Breitbart News reports:

Stephen Colbert to Broadcast ‘Late Show’ from Chicago During Democratic National Convention

CBS has announced that Stephen Colbert will host his Late Night show from Chicago as the city plays host to the Democratic National Convention and will broadcast from the Auditorium Theatre in the Loop from August 19 to the 22nd.

Colbert and CBS picked the Democrats’ convention to serve as the very first time Colbert is taking his show on the road, the Chicago Tribune reported.

“Sweet home!” Colbert said as he announced the move during his broadcast on Wednesday. “Some may know, I lived in Chicago for 11 years and it holds a special place in my heart, and not just because of all the Polish sausage that’s still lodged in my aorta. Chicago is where I cut my comedy teeth performing at the Second City.”…

While The Late Show will also broadcast live during the Republican convention in July, Colbert will still host the show from his regular New York studio and will not travel to Milwaukee where the RNC will be held.

Is it time to reclassify the Late Show as a Democrat super PAC? Because that’s what it has become.

Shouldn’t this be considered an in-kind donation to the Democrat party?


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