ANOTHER AIRLINE DISASTER: Passengers Smash into the Ceiling After Boeing 787 Plane Nosedives Mid-Flight Due to “Technical Problem”- 50 Injured, 12 Hospitalized (VIDEO)

Credit: @CollinRugg

Fifty people were injured onboard a Boeing plane Monday, with some smashing into the ceiling when it “suddenly nosedived” mid-flight.

This marks the latest disaster for Boeing after a wheel fell off one of their planes mid-flight and another skidded off the runway just last week.

As Newsweek noted, a spokesperson for the Chilean airline LATAM told news outlets that a “technical problem” on the flight had harmed passengers and crew members. The airline also claimed the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner experienced a “strong movement” but refused to elaborate.

The airplane was traveling from Sydney, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand, when the turbulence hit.

Reuters reported a continent of emergency vehicles from Hato Hone St John was called to Auckland Airport at 3:58 local time after the passengers and crew were injured. St. John sent 14 units to the scene, including seven ambulances, two operation managers, two Major Incident Support Team vehicles, one command unit, and two rapid response vehicles.

Twelve passengers in total were rushed to hospital after the incident. One is in serious condition.

A video captured the moments after passengers and crew were thrown into the ceiling when the LATAM plane lost altitude.

People had their hands over their heads as crew members checked on them.


One horrified passenger revealed to the New Zealand Herald that several passengers were thrown to the roof of the plane when it lost altitude.

“I went into fight mode and just started jumping in and helping where I could because the crew were injured, so couldn’t help,” she said.

“I’ve been on plenty of flights before, but that was completely out the gate,” the passenger continued.

Another passenger revealed that a man two seats away from him was not wearing his seat belt and flew up into the ceiling. He said the event resembled the famous horror movie “The Exorcist.”

Here is how he described the scene.

His back is on the ceiling and he’s up in the air and then he drops down and hits his head on the armrest. The whole plane is screaming.

The plane then started taking a nose dive and I was just thinking ‘OK this is it, we’re done’. I thought I was dreaming.

I opened my eyes and he was on the roof of the plane on his back, looking down on me. It was like The Exorcist.


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